Window Energy Ratings

    Since the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) launched the scheme last year, BFRC Ratings have been recognised in a number of government-supported initiatives, and window companies are starting to get their products rated and labelled.

    The story so far

    Window Energy Ratings were launched in March 2004 by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), an independent government-supported body established to develop and administer a system of Window Energy Ratings in the UK. Full details of the organisation, and how a window company can have its products rated, are given on the website A window's Rating is determined by a formula which takes into account its total solar heat transmittance (usually referred to as g value), U value and air infiltration. The resulting value is then placed into a band on an A-G scale. This makes the system of rating windows consistent with other products which have energy performance labels (such as washing machines, and refrigerators), and with which the public is very familiar.


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    These included a recommendation that Window Energy Ratings should become a method of demonstrating compliance with Part L; the minimum level for replacement windows being   -40kWh/m2/yr (which is in band E).

    Who gets a BFRC Rating?

    A BFRC Rating and label apply to a whole window (i.e. frame and glass). They do not apply to either the frame or the system or the glass individually. Therefore it is at the point at which all these components come together to produce a whole window that the Rating and label are obtained. Usually it would therefore be the window installer's product which is rated/labelled, although in the case of a factory-glazed window it could be the window manufacturer's product. We are able to offer our customers A, B and C energy rated windows, which are all manufactured here in Oxfordshire.

    Argon Gas -  The inner ‘cavity’ of a standard sealed unit, contrary to popular belief is not a vacuum. It’s just filled with dry air. Now as it happens, air itself is a very good insulator, but it’s not as good as Argon gas. By removing the air from the cavity and replacing it with argon, an extra barrier to heat loss is created.


    Warm edge technology - Rather than a cold metal spacer frame, our sealed units use a modern composite polymer material which is up to 950 times less conductive than aluminium. The simple laws of physics state that by taking away this conductive material, the heat loss at the edge of the glass is hugely reduced. 


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